Thanks to your collaboration, Binyan Olam is still growing, bringing Judaism to thousands of Latin American youths,

Through our projects.

Any support is important for us and for Am Israel.





























We have initiated a project to enable the support of all

in an easy and simple way. 

You can select a monthly contribution amount in dollars or shekels

and monthly automatically, you will help our institution.


If you wish to make a larger donation, you can do it in just one payment.


The system used is PayPal, the most known and used system for any type

of monetary transactions on the Internet. It is a completely safe and easy

to use system.


You can donate in Dollars or Shekels and add the objective of the donation if you wish.

Lilui Nishmat        -     Elevation of a soul

Refua Shelema    -     Healing a person

Hatzlaja               -      Blessings for a family



Thank you for collaborating with Binyan Olam and helping us to fulfill our function. 


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