A 3 week long program including trips all over the country, getting to know Jerusalem and other cities, combining adventures and studies and creating friendships with young people from all over Latin America.


- Body and soul

- Judaic mysticism

- Prophecies and hidden codes of the Torah

- The dimensions of time

- Life after death

- The mysteries of the Hebrew alphabet

- Ethics and personal development

- Science and Religion

- Love and personal relationships



MASA is a new and innovative partnership between the Government of Israel and the Jewish Agency.


MASA is an open door for the Long Duration Programs in Israel for young Jewish people.


The goal of MASA is helping young Jewish people from all over the world to form durable connections with Israel and a firm commitment to a Jewish life.

MASA allows thousands of young Jews to experience a semester or year in Israel through various programs, providing information, contacts, scholarships, activities and more.


MASA is dedicated to developing new and exciting quality programs, which include the possibility of receiving scholarships and subsidies.


The programs associated with MASA give you the opportunity to really experience Israel: the flourishing culture, the beautiful landscapes and its incredible people.


Each MASA program contains a base which reflects the vision of the organizers. Furthermore, each program has a requirement of providing participants with the opportunity to:


·        Reinforce Jewish identity

·        Experience the history of the State of Israel

·        Becoming familiar with the Land of Israel

·        Learning the Hebrew language

·        Volunteering in Israeli society

·        Getting to know Israeli youth

·        Being exposed to Israeli culture

·        Developing community leadership capacities


At Binyan Olam we offer you the possibility of conducting the entire or partial MASA program in a special way. Together with trips all over Israel and meetings with thousands of Jewish youth from all over the world, here you will be able to live the unforgettable experience of learning, together with others like you, the basics which each Jew should know about his identity, history and current state. 









When choosing the program:

Boys: "Mekusharim August 2014"

Girls:  "Binyan Olam Girls"

If in any doubt when registering please contact us



Binyan Olam has special programs for universities. They consist of individual studies after classes with our rabanim, which are courses taught in these universities.

Binyan Olam has the ideal that any Jew, wherever he is, may have access to studying the Torah, enriching his soul with values of teachings of our people.

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