marcha por la vida
Hajshara and March for life
shiur online
Online studies


Taking advantage of telecommunications, we offer to executive friends the opportunity of studying the Torah on a weekly basis with our young Rabbis, from the comfort of their house or office, live and in an interactive way.

For the first time, Binyan Olam, seeking to introduce new programs, offers the possibility of planning your Shnat Hajshara, including various experiences in Israel. Likewise, we have launched March for life, inviting you to get to know in detail the places which have shaped the story of the Holocaust.

Many young people who have just come to Israel (Olim jadashim) currently live in the central part of the country, and regrettably the majority of them have little or no connection with our roots. Our goal is to offer these young people a first contact with Judaism in a welcoming environment.

centro tel aviv
Tel Aviv Center
Shabatot and Jaguim
shabat y jaguim

For over 20 years we have organized Shabatot and jaguim for young people who are in various programs or visits in Israel, providing them the opportunity to get to know the environment of a Jewish family. On these occasions it is possible to spend these dates in Jerusalem, close to the old town and the Kotel Hamaaravi.

Last year we received over 150 young people

Talpiot Center
centro talpiot

Centro de estudios ubicado al lado del campus Kiryat Moriah, donde más de 250 jóvenes latinoamericanos pasan anualmente para cursos de liderazgo, con una duración aproximada de 4 meses.

Weekly distributed to over 15 countries worldwide, this window offers our friends short videos with simple, profound and up to date teachings and reflections. In less than 8 months we have received over 10,000 visits.

shiur video

Binyan Olam – Your Latin Yeshiva in Israel - Shiurim in Spanish and Portuguese