Our story starts in 1987. In a small room, in the Maalot Dafna neighborhood, R. Sender Chachamovitz initiated the first steps of a history full of joy, new and lasting friendships created every day, thus establishing the tradition of transmitting the Torah in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking world.


From then to now much has changed. Binyan Olam has grown, borne many fruit and sparked a true revolution in the teaching of the Torah to young Jewish people from the countries of Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula.


Today the institution is still growing in order to achieve increasingly ambitious goals, always seeking to become a more solid base for Jewish education and promoting the ideals of our ancestors.



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Binyan Olam
Head Office

Located in Rejavia, the new head office of Binyan Olam has modern facilities, and it is located in a conveniently centrally located space, close to the Old City, in a calm and nice neighborhood.



We have Rabanim dedicated to helping students, always respecting their level, from the most basic up to the most advanced.


The Building

Apart from a spacious Beit Midrash which is full of resources for studying and the student development, students have comfortable rooms, a dining room and spaces for relaxing in their free time, be it looming at the view of Jerusalem, reading a book on the balcony or roof, or playing ping pong, or sending an email to their family.

Binyan Olam – Your Latin Yeshiva in Israel - Shiurim in Spanish and Portuguese

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